Power Supply P03
Item No.:  P03


The features are as follows:
1> AC85V -265V (Can be used in any country)
      AC110V/60HZ     AC220/50Hz
      Output Voltage: 0-18V
2> It provides more stable power and displays all major electronic measurements of tattoo machine:
      Speed(cycles per second), Duty Cycle, Voltage and Follow Through.
3> Pre-sets: Four programmable voltage pre-sets are provided so you can store and easily select voltage settings for your favorite machines.
4> Angled Display with Screen-Saver: The screen saver feature will turn off your power supply after 15 minutes of inactivity,
      saving power and eliminating any burn in on your screen.
5>Memory Feature: The power will store the voltage automatically when you turn off it. The voltage will be display in next time when you turn on the power.
6>Menu feature: Programmable menu options enable you to choose between momentary or maintained footswitch functions.

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