R Tattoo Machine MR04
Item No.:  MR04


Motor Characteristics
     Powerful neodymium magnets 
      Mechanical commutation (graphite brushes)
     Excellent volume/performance ratio
     Highest efficiency
     Low inductance
     No magnetic cogging
      High acceleration thanks to a low mass inertia
      Low electromagnetic interference
      Linear characteristics
      High reliability
Operating Values Voltage 1.0 - 12Volts Max Load 12V@ 0.45 Amps
Machine Speed calculation 
6.0Volts = 3000rpm (50 Cycles Per Second)

9.0Volts = 6000 rpm(100CPS)
12Volts =9000rpm (150 CPS)


Setting power supply

Turn Volts to Zero first, then turn current (Amps) to full,  and vary speed of machine by altering/ increasing voltage knob. This is important for the machine on start up as the power supply will deliver full amps at start-up then settle to what the machine needs to operate at desired voltage. The motor speed is determined by supply voltage.



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