Superior Tattoo Kit
Item No.:  STK


The Supreme Tattoo Kit includes the following:
(1) Tattoo Travel Case with lock and key
(2) H Tattoo Machines (sizes vary except MH36)
(1) Digital Tattoo Power Supply has the read out with      
      Volts, Duty, and Speed etc
(1) Foot Switch
(1) Clip Cord
(2) Stainless Steel Grips with back stem (sizes vary)
(2) Aluminum Grips with back stem (sizes vary)
(10) Stainless Steel Tips (sizes vary)
(50) Assorted Pre-Sterile Tattoo Needles
(25) Assorted Long Disposable tips (sizes vary)
(1) Practice Skin
(1) Pack of Assorted Tattoo Ink Caps
(1) Pack of Tattoo Grommets
(1) Pack of O-Rings
(1) Tattoo Tool Set
(1) Bag of Brush Set
You can choose any items you like into the kit, then we will work out the total cost for you
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